Monday, August 6, 2012

Exciting upcoming casting announcements! As if there is not already enough Titanic in my life I will be portraying Caroline in a concert version of Titanic: The Musical presented by Central Florida Community Arts on September 7, 2012:

I am pleased to announce my debut performance for Dame Beth Marshall and the Beth Marshall Presents sponsored Play In a Day this fall: This spring I am proud to announce I will be portraying Daisy in Neil Simon’s Biloxi Blues: Last, but certainly not least; the link for the teaser trailer for the upcoming premiere of The Aegeans: Teaser Trailer:  Set in a 17th century Puritan village in New England, THE AEGEANS is a supernatural mystery that follows the local minister’s two teenage daughters as the older is led into the troubled world of the younger. What is the younger sister’s secret? How does it involve a rooster? And how does the name “The Aegeans” have anything at all to do with Puritans in the 1600s?! Tune in to find out! Shot with the RED ONE MX Camera in Orlando, Florida. Written & Directed by William Jarrod Holloway. Cinematography by Marco Cordero. Produced by Marisa Pena. Music by F.C. Belt. Executive Producer: Ralph Clemente. Associate Producer: Melody Johnson. Associate Producer: Brett Walsh. Be sure to like us on Facebook!