Pictured: Michael Carr, Julie (Julianne) Snyder, Kari Ringer (Actors Equity), Jerry Jobe, Jr.


Orlando Weekly Review- Seth Kubersky “That tripartite balancing act is executed with aplomb by this ensemble…It’s folly to pick a favorite among this quartet, but Julie Snyder steals the show as the self-righteous Veronica, slinging silent daggers at her hardware-selling spouse, Michael, played by her real-life husband Michael Carr.”

Orlando Sentinel Review- Matt Palm “…But it’s Snyder whose face expresses a panoply of emotion, her smug formality collapsing into frantic anger…We are living in America,” Veronica protests to the others, defeat creeping into her voice. Yes, we are. Which is why “God of Carnage” is both funnier and more depressing than ever.”