Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Busy Busy Busy!

Be sure to visit Facebook and “Like” (https://www.facebook.com/BetterDaysSAK?fref=tsBetter Days! I will be making my debut in Episode 4 of this live, theatrical sitcom that has been  hailed as “Orlando’s funniest new show!”

Join Jester Theater at the Orlando International Fringe Festival for The Boxer:

SYNOPSIS: The mean streets. Turn of the Century. It’s nearly impossible for a body to feed himself and if you are a herself, forget it. A woman can’t make a living and keep her virtue (if you know what we mean). So the heroine becomes a hero (dresses like a man) to put bread in her belly. As chance would have it, she happens upon a big man beating a little man senseless. She intervenes and knocks the big man loopy. Big mistake! The little man is the titular Boxer and the big man was his trainer. Who will train The Boxer and his glass jaw for the “Big Fight” against the Bavarian Beast now that the big man has the brain damage? Hm? Smitten, Velma insists that she’s just the wom-er-man for the job. Will The Boxer win the “Big Fight”? Will love bloom in the ring? AWARDS: Best of the “Aughts”- TheaterJones.com Best New Play – DFW Theatre Critics Forum, 2007 Best Play (Non Equity) – The Column Awards, 2007 Best New Work by a Local Playwright – The Column Awards, 2007

THE BOXER by Matt Lyle in the pink venue at the Orlando Fringe Theatre Festival! Showtimes: Thursday May 16th – 7:45pm, Saturday May 18th – 11:45am, Sunday May 19th – 8:15pm, Tuesday May 21st – 6:15pm, Thursday May 23rd – 7pm, Saturday May 25th – 6:15pm, Sunday May 26th – 11:15am